Multimedia platforms

The Internet, which is becoming faster and faster and more available to everyone, often replaces television or radio.

Many traditional radio stations broadcast their program also on the Internet.
There are many radio stations which focus from the very beginning on “Internet” listeners.

Renting a DVD quality movie is nowadays only limited to entering a website of a DVD shop and choosing a movie that we are looking for.

More and more artists decide to publish their music in digital (MP3) format which is then sold by the Internet MP3 shops.

Thanks to many popular micropayments one can pay for all such services by sending an SMS from his or her mobile phone to a given number.

Along with the increase in the Internet speed at our houses, such types of services will become more and more popular.

Multimedia platforms - see the details of the projects which we carried out

We have already a highly scalable and efficient platform broadcasting audio streams and we are willing to carry out other projects related to multimedia on the Internet.
We invite you to contact us.