We established cooperation with New Generation Software Company. Mr. Łukasz Wojciechowski suggested creating a system which would match our expectations and needs. [...]

The system has been working without any breakdown for over two years now and allowed us to raise the quality level of our services. Our workers appreciated the speed with which they can reach the desired information. Thanks to the system, the management of our company has access to reliable information. [...]

The way Mr. Łukasz Wojciechowski applied and implemented new technologies in our company appeared to be an ideal solution for increasing the improvement of organizational order and overall streamlining of our work. Cooperation during the whole creation, implementation and development period has been ideal.

Danilkiewicz Wit Cezary - MD, PhD - The head of a private healthcare facility GASTROMED

NGSoft - business software

We are a group of people who have shared passions and innovative ideas.

We specialize in creating software which fulfills the needs of our Clients.

The experience which we gained after many years of work and the most modern technologies allow us to maximize the business value of systems which we provide and guarantee their high quality.

Integrated Management Systems

We provide comprehensive services at each stage of project life cycle.

We guarantee to our Clients:

  • Control over the sequence of implemented functionalities.
  • Constant insight into stage of work development.
  • Regularly issued and working versions of a given system.

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