Used technologies

Our favorite software is the one stemming from Open Source initiative. Our computers work on xUbuntu-based systems.

Servers which we maintain are run on Debian, Ubuntu Server and other distributions.
Virtualization platforms such as Proxmox allow us to use available hardware optimally.

Engines of our applications are created by using PHP scripting language. These engines are used by interfaces created by using xHTML, CSS i Javascript (also by using Mootools).
Framework symfony enables us to use our energy in an effective way and is at the same time a very flexible tool.

Most often, we use the engine of MySQL database in order to store data.

Whenever it is possible, we use already available PHP Libraries. In particular, these are: Zend Framework and Pear.

PHPsymfonyLinuxUbuntuMootoolsMySQLOpen Source Initative
PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository
Proxmox Virtual Environment