How we work

In our everyday work, we strive to find as many methodologies and principles as possible. These methodologies and principles are generally called agile software development.

eXtreme Programming and Scrum are those which we use most often. These are currently the most efficient and most effective methodologies of software development and IT project management.

We attach great significance to:

  • frequent and open communication, thanks to which we can join our efforts and solve in a fast way problems emerging each day
  • creating simple solutions which have a clearly defined goal which is successfully accomplished
  • constant involvement of the Client in the process of creating a project – this will assure us that what we create will fulfill all expectations
  • good and comfortable relations in our team – we believe that only then can we achieve success together
  • constant development of our skills
  • seeking all possible solutions in order to find the best of them
  • considering each failure as a lesson from which we can learn something new and broaden our knowledge
  • quality of created solutions

Chosen agile methodologies:

  • Test driven development / programming.
    Tests enable us to create a high quality code and improve it in the most effective way. Functionality tests give our Clients the possibility to verify whether an application works according to its specification.
  • Continuous integration.
    Results of everyday work of each member of our team are automatically integrated to the current version of the system and immediately tested.
  • Incremental programming.
    For our Clients, we create more extended system prototypes on a regular basis (every 2-3 weeks). The possibility of using such prototypes results in new ideas and gives our Client a chance of redirecting the way the plan originally followed.